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Youth and Their Families Receive Basic Human Needs to combat poverty and build independence.

Silence Is Not An Option Tee

Evil and hate chaperone silence. Your voice and love escort change. Don’t let the fear of not being able to do enough stop you from doing something.

Our Silence Is Not An Option Tee is a powerful way to make a statement and make a difference.

Proceeds will help provide inner city families with masks and food over the summer, and the Columbus Freedom Fund.

I Fit the Description

Written and Experienced By: Roy Hall Jr.

When I was a 13 year old boy, I was stopped by a white police officer during winter break walking from home to basketball practice at Memorial Junior High School in South Euclid, Ohio. My mother decided to take a chance and moved us to a predominantly white neighborhood just three years earlier, primarily in search of a better long term educational experience. My experience with the police was certainly educational, but obviously not the variety of education that my mom had hoped for.  

Apparently I fit the description of someone that just minutes earlier, had stolen a car from a local car collision repair shop. How did I fit the description? Was it because I was 6’1 and I styled my hair like Allen Iverson in corn rows (I miss that hair)? Maybe it was my hooded sweatshirt sticking out of my oversized Nautica coat. Or maybe it was simply because I was a black male close to a crime and fit the most recognizable component of the description…black man. READ MORE


Pay It Forward

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Always Ready Podcast

Hosted by Antonio Smith and Roy Hall, Always Ready is another resource for motivation & personal development; includes podcast and online training.



CLEAN empowers and assists men and women in the criminal justice system to adopt pro-social behaviors that aid in the reduction of recidivism.



Driven provides ten years of experience in speaking around the country, engaging audiences from Fortune 500 companies to elementary schools.

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Life is not just about you. We consistently present unique opportunities to temporarily step away from making a living, so that you can make a difference. There are various ways to get involved and support throughout the year.

“You can never pay back; but you can always pay forward.”

Always Ready Podcast

Podcast and Live Online Training w/ Antonio Smith & Roy Hall

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I love the work that Driven is doing for the kids. It’s an honor to partner with them.

Urban Meyer
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I am inspired by the Driven Foundation’s passion for impacting through service.

Clark Kellog
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