Our Mission Empowering people. Enhancing communities.



Our non-profit arm of Driven, serving the community through events and programs.



Our Enterprises allow us to create community-based businesses that help fund the work we do at Driven.



Driven provides ten years of experience in speaking around the country, engaging audiences from Fortune 500 companies to elementary schools.

Upcoming Events:
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We look forward to making a difference with you.

Events are one of the driving forces of Driven. There are great ways to get involved through attendance or support throughout the year.

Back to School Event

August 20, 2019

500 Free Backpacks. Free Barbecue. Free Wellness and Hygiene Items.

Food Outreach

December 14, 2019

We provide food to families in need.


Bring our speakers' insight to your team.

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I love the work that Driven is doing for the kids. It’s an honor to partner with them.

Urban Meyer
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I am inspired by the Driven Foundation’s passion for impacting through service.

Clark Kellog
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Don’t take another step until you drop those bags.No need to carry around hate; it’s too heavy...

Thank you to all of the great people that share our passion for making a difference on a daily basis...