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IMPACT25: Extending Help To Those Who Need It Most

Welcome to IMPACT25, the heart of compassion and action within the Driven Foundation. By joining IMPACT25, you can be a driving force in transforming lives, providing meals for families, equipping kids with backpacks filled with essentials, and meeting basic human needs for those struggling to make ends meet. With your monthly support of just $25, we can create a profound and lasting impact on those who need it most.

How Your $25 Can Make A BIG Impact

Think about how a typical individual spends $25 each month – perhaps a streaming service subscription, a movie ticket, or a few cups of specialty coffee. Now, consider the incredible difference your $25 can make when pooled together with others: Your $25 could provide a week’s worth of nutritious meals for a family, ensuring they do not have to worry about putting food on the table and allowing them to focus on other critical needs; making a real impact.

How It Works

Joining IMPACT25 is simple. Just sign up for recurring donations on our website and select the amount you’d like to contribute each month.

In the comment section, specify which program you want to support: “Meals for Families,” “Backpacks for Kids,” or “Basic Human Needs.”

Your generosity will be a driving force behind our mission to create lasting change in the lives of those less fortunate.

Together, we can bring hope to those who need it most. Join Impact25 today and witness the profound impact of your monthly giving on the lives of families in need.

More Reasons

to Give

Nourishing Families: Your recurring $25 donation can ensure that struggling families have access to regular meals, bringing stability and nourishment into their lives.

Supporting Children’s Education: By contributing to our backpack program, you enable children to attend school fully prepared, ready to learn and grow academically.

Providing Basic Human Needs: Your support assists families in accessing essential items like clothing, hygiene products, and household necessities, empowering them to thrive despite challenging circumstances.

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