Middle School Food Service Assistant


Description: Assist in the maintenance of an orderly, safe, and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria by helping and supervising students at lunchtime.

Work Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 10:00am – 1:00pm EST

Duration: January 2021 – May 2022

Supervisor: Principal and/or cafeteria manager

Status: Hourly

Rate: $17.00/hr

Location: Hannah Ashton Middle School (Reynoldsburg, OH)


Our Middle School Food Service Assistant assists in the maintenance of an orderly, safe, and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria by helping and supervising students during lunchtime.


  • Supervises students in the cafeteria during lunch; monitoring students at all times.
  • Monitors the behavior of the students at their lunch tables while they eat and, afterwards,
    to make sure they dispose of their garbage.
  • Monitors the students’ behavior while they are in line
  • Lines students up to proceed in a safe and orderly manner to the playground.
  • Maintains a system for orderly food purchases by pupils, disposal of waste, return of trays, and utensils
  • Sees that students are seated in assigned areas
  • Circulates among tables during lunchtime to be available to students who need help or to resolve any minor problems that arise
  • Inform assigned teacher or staff member of any serious infraction of discipline rules by students
  • Assist in keeping the cafeteria clean, including cleaning tables, mopping and vacuuming (if necessary)
  • Organizes students for orderly dismissal from the cafeteria
  • Performs other related duties as assigned


  • Recognize potential issues amongst students and apply problem solving methods as needed.
  • Ability to observe student behavior, assess its appropriateness and apply appropriate behavior management techniques, positive redirection, or appropriate corrective action as necessary to support students in making positive behavior choices.
  • Observes students daily to check for bruises, cuts, scrapes, rashes, or other indications of UNCOMMON injury or illness to report to supervisor if necessary
  • Responsible for designated group for duration of lunch period – never leave students unsupervised.
  • Demonstrate reliability and punctuality by arriving on-time for scheduled shift.


  • Possess reliable transportation to and from school.
  • Maintain highest degree of confidentiality in staff and student matters.
  • Adherence to all organizational site policies and procedures.


  • High School Diploma or GED Required
  • Ability to speak and write standard english appropriate in a public school setting
  • Must pass criminal background check and fingerprinting
  • At least six months experience working with youth in a classroom, after school, or
    recreation environment
  • Excellent communication skills with children


  • This position requires a person who can work with many distractions, interruptions and still accomplish their objectives. Student supervision is a key requirement.
  • Food Service Assistant is expected to wear appropriate attire at all times.
  • COVID-19 considerations: Mask wearing required


  • Ability to frequently stand, walk, stoop, sit, crouch, bend, speak, and hear.
  • Ability to engage in physical activity with students without limitation.
  • Ability to lift, carry, pull, or otherwise move objects between 10 and 20 pounds.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with staff.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate sensitivity with others.
  • Ability to manage and supervise children.
  • Ability to work successfully with children and adults and to perform assigned duties.
  • Good physical health and ability to perform assigned duties.
  • Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S citizenship or legal resident alien status.

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