Of the 7.5 billion people that inhabit the planet, there are only 160 NFL wide receivers annually. Roy Hall’s four years in this exclusive company birthed a purpose and a passion to help others pursue and catch greatness.

Utilizing the mindset and discipline it took to perform consistently at an elite level, Roy has developed into a nationally recognized motivational speaker and corporate consultant. His passionate, high energy messages have unlimited range; covering themes spanning from traditional directives such as “succeeding while being uncomfortable,” to concept content like “Leader-Ship: An Empty Boat.”

Every opportunity to present to clients helps support the efforts of the Driven Foundation, a non-profit organization located in Columbus, OH, co-founded by Roy Hall and Antonio Smith. Since 2008 the Driven Foundation has distributed over 750,000 pounds of free food to more than 6400 families.

Roy graduated from The Ohio State University in 2007 with a Business degree.