We help middle school students develop leadership skills, increase academic achievement, and self esteem so that they reach their full potential.



Our LIVE Leadership Virtual Experience is a sure fire opportunity for students to improve and develop as leaders. Character development courses are led by former Ohio State and NFL players Roy Hall and Antonio Smith. We develop character and build strong leaders through training on resilience and perseverance. We create systems that help students understand and manage emotions, effectively respond to challenges,  set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Check out this short clip from a recent Leadership Session on JEALOUSY led Coach Roy Hall. 

Program Specifics

Through a secure Zoom webinar format, our coaches will engage students in powerful character-building sessions that will provide them the skills necessary to achieve goals, build positive relationships, and make responsible choices. The activities and in-depth discussions will equip them with the tools to confront inequities and remove barriers to succeed academically and socially.

8-Week Leadership Course | 45-Minute Weekly Sessions

Tuesday Afternoons | 4:00pm-4:45pm EST

Starting | March 23, 2021

For Students Grades: 6th -8th

Individuals | $200.00 $167.00     School/Team Rate | Contact Us – Minimum 20 Students

Registration Ends | 3/19/21

If you have questions, please CONTACT US

Includes: Weekly Instruction From Former Ohio State & NFL Players, Motivational T-Shirt, Program Playbook/Work Packet, and Waiting to Fail Book by Antonio Smith

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We see CHANGE in our boys’ attitudes…and self-esteem.

Our school has partnered with the Driven Foundation for over 5 years. Roy Hall and the Driven Leadership Team have supported 100+ boys; empowering them to develop life skills that breed leaders. We see a change in our boys’ attitudes, body language, and self-esteem. Driven students stand out and are respected by their peers and their teachers.

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Roy Hall has worked with our students for the last four years…

The Driven Leadership Program and Roy Hall have been working with students from Charles F. Brush High School for the last 4 years. During this time Roy has developed a program where student leaders continue to learn valuable skills in being better each day, not only for themselves, but for their families, communities, and school district.

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“What topics will be covered?”

There will be many useful and informative topics covered, but here are a few that will be in the spotlight:

How to Stay Motivated Daily While Learning From Home

How to Improve Your Attitude So That You Feel Like a Winner Every Day

28 Actions That You Can Do That Don’t Take Talent to Help You Become a Better Student, Athlete, and Son

How to Work With and Become Friends with People That Don’t Look Like You

How to Grow Confidence to be a Successful Student and Leader

How to Respond Maturely When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Easy 3-Step Process to Handling Anger & Frustration in Just 1-Minute

How to Bounce Back Quickly When You Feel Like You Want to Quit

4-Creative Ways to Overcome Any Difficult Situation

The 3-Things That Will Help You Get Your Homework Done Faster

The Leadership “Bubble”

Extracurricular activities may be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. Making sure that students keep their thoughts, actions, and character in check during down time will be pivotal to their growth. Our program will serve as a leadership “bubble” that will unlock students’ fullest potential and facilitate the journey to becoming an elite leader of character.

12 Years of Youth Leadership Experience 
The Driven Foundation Student Leadership Program was started in 2008 and hasn’t lost momentum. More than 1,000 young students have participated over the last 12 years. 

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