Weekly Food Deliveries Held During the Spring

Food Delivery Outreach

Food Delivery Outreach 2021

1 in 7 people in Ohio struggles with hunger. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. The seasons may change but the struggle remains the same.

During our 12-week food delivery outreach we delivered over 1800 boxes of food to families in need around Central Ohio. That’s a massive 57,600 pounds of free food that was provided to families; 28.8 tons of food!

250+ volunteers committed their time to make sure these deliveries happened. Thank you to everyone that made it a priority to make a difference!

Make It A Priority to Make A Difference

In the 24-hours that we have each day, we are tugged, pulled, and pushed in many different directions. We have “so much” going on throughout the day, but we somehow find time to stop and eat. Most of us have the resources to do so. However, there ARE people that live within a 15 mile radius of your home that DO NOT have that option. How does that make you feel? Are you willing to step up and help? We encourage you to get involved, and help fight the battle against hunger. Click Here to volunteer.

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