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Unlock Potential, Build Character: Transformative Mentorship for Boys

Introducing Driven Foundation’s youth leadership and mentorship program for boys, designed to empower them with essential life skills and instill confidence. Our program addresses common challenges faced by boys as they transition into young adulthood, fostering emotional control, self-confidence, and individualism. Don’t miss the opportunity to equip your boys with the tools they need to succeed. Watch our video to learn more!

Empowerment & Accountability: Applying ‘I Will, I Love, I Apologize’ for Success

Discover the power of three phrases that can revolutionize your students’ lives. “I will” signifies unwavering determination, teaching them to persevere regardless of obstacles. “I love” fosters compassion and motivates them to prioritize the well-being of others. “I apologize” instills responsibility and cultivates personal growth. By implementing a program centered around these phrases, you empower students to unlock their full potential, fostering resilience, empathy, and accountability. Check out our video highlighting a powerful session from our Youth Leadership Program.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Crack the Decision-Making Code: 5 Essential Tips for Tough Choices

Unlock the power of decision-making for your students! Making tough decisions can be a challenge for students, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive guide featuring FIVE essential tips. This printable resource provides educators with a step-by-step framework to teach students how to navigate difficult choices confidently. Utilize our expert advice and personalize it with your own teaching style to empower your students. Help them gain the necessary skills to analyze options, weigh pros and cons, and make informed decisions. Don’t miss this opportunity to equip your students with the tools they need to make tough decisions effectively.

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“The time Driven spends with the students is invaluable!”

Roshawn Parker, an Assistant Principal in Central Ohio, shares an incredible testimonial highlighting the immense impact of the Driven Foundation Youth Leadership Program and its exceptional mentors and coaches. In his heartfelt testimonial, Mr. Parker describes how the program is electric, capturing the undivided attention of the students and the profound impact it has on young men.

From Challenges to Triumph: The Impact of Driven Foundation’s Youth Leadership Program

Discover the transformative power of the Driven Foundation’s Youth Leadership Program in this inspiring video. Despite being filmed just after the challenges of Covid, it showcases the program’s profound impact on students. Featuring former Ohio State and NFL player, Tyler Everett, as a leadership coach, and a heartfelt testimonial from a middle school teacher, this video captures the essence of our empowering program. Witness the growth, confidence, and positive change it brings to young minds. This video serves as a powerful testament to the potential that lies within each individual and the incredible difference our program is making.

Learning Communities We Have Served

Over the years, our youth leadership program has made a lasting impact on learning communities of all sizes and demographics, fostering a culture of leadership and personal growth.