Always Ready Podcasts provide valuable content designed to make you laugh, learn, and lead. We use our video podcasts to introduce our ELITE Success Principles; which are covered even further during our online trainings. The video podcasts and live online trainings go hand-in-hand.

Online Training
Thursdays – 6:30pm EST
Each week, join our live training and Q&A with development coaches, former NFL players Antonio Smith & Roy Hall. Our 45-minute trainings via Zoom video will help you perform at optimal levels, both personally and professionally.  Everyone is invited! 

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Check out our latest video podcast each week. Our discussions will help and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

Join our Zoom training & Q&A sessions every week w/ Antonio Smith & Roy Hall – Includes Work Packet – Thursdays; 6:30pm EST

Share our video podcast and training content with family, friends, and colleagues. Push the people around you to be great.

AR1 Training – The Virus | Attitude

(Example Training)

Personal Development coaches Antonio Smith & Roy Hall host a live online training via Zoom video reviewing the Always Ready Video Podcast – AR1 | The Virus | Attitude, outlining strategies to develop and keep a positive attitude, and walking through the AR1 Work packet.


Live Online Training

The Always Ready Live Online Trainings are must-haves for taking your life to the next level. By joining the Always Ready Team, you not only get access to our live online trainings, but you also receive the Always Ready ELITE Workbook. Join us TODAY for our online trainings and to access your resources, and learn how to use them to your advantage. You can also access these live sessions by phone. (Thursdays – 6:30pm EST)

Weekly Topics Include

• Practice Social Distancing and Staying Motivated Mentally
• Using Downtime to Learn, Improve, and Grow
• The Importance of Developing and Maintaining a Positive Attitude
• Application of SMART Goals and Creating a Plan to Achieve
• Leading by Actions and Encouraging Through Words
• Family and Balance
• Waiting to Fail / Overcome Fear and Uncertainty
• Using Your Life to Make A Difference
• The Root of Leadership
• Optimize Your Mindset for Health and Happiness

Amazing Value

• (4) 45-Minute Online Trainings w/ Antonio Smith & Roy Hall ($1,999 Value)
• Always Ready ELITE Training Workbook ($499)
• Archived Access to All Past Always Ready Online Trainings ($499)
• Becoming a Better Version of Yourself (Priceless)

Total Value – $2,997
Get Instant Access Today –  $9.99/mo


Still Wondering…

…if the Always Ready Online Trainings are for you?

We understand. Here’s what we suggest…
Try the Always Ready Online Training for 30 days.

Please, REALLY try it…
Test it out and participate in the four trainings that will occur during those 30 days. You’ll even have access to all of the past training sessions so that you can review at your own pace, anytime you want!

Connect with motivated people, contribute to making a difference in the community through the Driven Foundation, and receive weekly coaching from former NFL players and personal development coaches Antonio Smith & Roy Hall.

After all of that, if you think Always Ready is nothing more than just another “zoom call,” you are only out of pocket $9.99.
Remember, you can cancel at any time. No contracts.



What would your life look like one year from now if you join the Always Ready Online Training sessions and implement all the strategies?

The Answer…
You will be the best version of YOU and barely recognize yourself. Additionally you’ll be presented with multiple opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others through the community outreach work of the Driven Foundation. If nothing else, the lives that will be impacted makes it worth it. It’ll be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. See you during training! 

JOIN NOW |  Just $9.99/mo

“Finally Understand”

The Always Ready Video Podcast intro track is NEW music from Prahgress aka Nate Salley; former NFL and Ohio State Defensive Back. Check it out! 

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