Amount Raised – Updates Every 24-Hours

Goal: $15,000

The Driven-Moler Laundromat will consist of

(4) industrial washers and (4) industrial dryers.

This 1000 sq. ft. space will also  feature: Children’s play area, folding space, seating area,

bathroom, storage area, new tile floor, new paint, ceiling tiles, lighting and new entryway.

Moler Elementary School Families will be able to utilize this facility and wash/dry laundry FREE of charge.

Overview and Long Term Impact

The Driven-Moler laundromat will serve as a vehicle to promote and establish consistent and long term parent engagement, while simultaneously increasing students’ educational experiences. By eliminating an external variable/distraction (the wearing of unwashed clothes), students will be able to focus long term on their academic responsibilities without harboring hygiene deficiencies. Students with clean clothes are more likely to engage in a positive manner with other students as well as teachers and administration. Clean laundry also cuts down on the obvious wide spread epidemic of the Cimex Lectularius, or commonly know as the “bed bug.”

The Driven-Moler Laundromat will operate on a system in which families of Moler Elementary Students can earn points to utilize the facility. This incentivized approach will be formatted and established based upon the parents’ involvement with their child’s education. Examples include, but are not limited to: Parent Teacher Conference Attendance, signing off on homework assignments, email responses, and returned phone calls.

Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and baskets will be provided at NO COST to the user(s).

Community volunteers will serve as Driven/Moler laundromat attendants for help and assist with use of the equipment.


Moler Elementary School • 1201 Moler Road • Columbus, OH 43207

Start Date: April 2016