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As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Antonio highlights commonalities between life and sports, and shares how the same mindset and techniques used to win on the field can be applied to win in life and in business.

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Antonio’s book, “Waiting to Fail,” reveals a radical outlook on life. Most people go through life waiting to succeed, but life is all about your mindset, and Antonio shares a different approach. The “Waiting to Fail” mentality allows you to differentiate yourself among others…

If you’re longing to start a business, change careers, go to college, or strengthen your personal relationships, “Waiting to Fail” will give you the encouragement to step outside your comfort zone and not let the fear of failure hold you back.

40 Yard Dash

On your mark…Get set…Go!  Former Buckeye, Antonio Smith is taking his knowledge of football and life on the road this season, motivating student athletes and coaches to be better on and off the field.  Antonio’s “40-yard dash” message highlights how the four basic principals of running an efficient 40-yard dash, can be applied to your daily routine to help you run an efficient race in life!